Types of Telephony Systems and their Suitability to Various Businesses

12 Dec

As you look for the best way to enhance your business communication, you also have to consider the best channel to use to pass the message to the right personality at the right time conveniently. This means every business out there should come up with the best approach to choose their most suitable approach. This piece takes you various phone systems and businesses which they suit best. The guide is suitable to those who want a new system and business looking for a way to improve their current system.

The choice of your telephony system should be determined by your business communications needs where you can go for a complete phone system which has physical office telephones or the virtual phone service which depend on the mobile gadgets among other factors as outlined below.

You can also go for the traditional landline telephone service or for the Avaya EPABX system which runs over the internet and offered by some providers.

The VoIP gives you two options; to have an in-house system at your premises or have it hosted by the service provider. These are the critical questions which are very well analyzed by this piece.

VoIP work by connecting the business phone line to workers who could be working remotely through their home phones or mobile phones. They are ideal for offering call-forwarding solution; it enables transfer of calls to the designated phone of the employee. With this you don't keep customers long on the line waiting for their calls to be forwarded to the right department or employee. Besides, the system automates various features like call forwarding, call screening, voicemail, and automated receptionist. It makes it easy for the remote workers to access a variety of Yealink IP Phones system that homes phones and mobile phones don't have hence making it possible even for the remote employees to give your business the professional image. It is therefore very ideal for companies with large group of remote workers or the sole proprietor businesses.

Landlines or the traditional landline phone system is also another phone system worth looking at. For you to run a landline service, you have to have PBX software in your premises. A PBX software is used to create multiple extensions and allow phone system features like call directories and call transferring The modern telephony advancements have improved this to a hybrid of VoIP. These lines can be said to be old school but the truth is they are very reliable because they have stood the test of time. Companies with sufficient resources to cater for the in-house IT staffs can go for this option and also those with poor internet connectivity.

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